New Zealand Suspending All High-Level Political and Military Contact with Myanmar

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that; the aid program to Myanmar should not include projects that are delivered or benefit the Military government. We also agree to implement a travel ban be formalized a coming week on Maynamar's Military Leaders and addition with join other countries calling for a special session at United

Japan Complaints China to United Nations Over Its Activities in the South China Sea

The Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations presents its compliments to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and, with regard to the Note Verbale No. CML63/2020, has the honour to state Japan’s position asfollows. Japan, as a State Partv to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), rejects China’s

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Exclusive: Britain will Send Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers to Japan Offshore Next Year

Several Japanese government officials revealed on the 5th that the British Navy will dispatch the most sophisticated aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" to the Western Pacific including Okinawa Prefecture and other southern islands as soon as early next year. The core aircraft carrier strike group is expected to receive support from the US military in Japan.

China’s National Defense White Paper 2002

Beijing, Dec. 9 (XINHUA) -- The Information Office of the State Council issued here Monday a white paper about China's national defense. Following is the full text of the paper titled "China's National Defense in 2002": Foreword The world needs peace, the people want cooperation, nations long for development and society aspires for progress. These

China’s National Defense White Paper 2000

'Text' of Year 2000 China Defense White Paper CPP20001016000018 Beijing Xinhua in English 0216 GMT 16 Oct 00 Beijing, October 16 (XINHUA) -- The Information Office of the State Council published a white paper entitled "China's National Defense in 2000" today. Following is the full text of the white paper: China's National Defense in 2000

China’s National Defense White Paper 1998

China’s National Defense Information Office of the State Council Of the People’s Republic of China July 1998, Beijing Foreword Mankind is about to enter the 21st century of its history. It is the aspiration of the Chinese government and people to lead a peaceful, stable and prosperous world into the new century. At the turn

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