30 Years of Sino- US Relations (6)

Li Peng, Premier of the State Council, met with President Bush at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on February 25, 1989 and presented him with a Flying Pigeon bicycle. US violinist Isaac Stern came to China for a performance. The picture shows Madame Soong Ching-ling, Vice-Chairman of China, having a photo taken with Stern. While attending

30 Years of Sino- US Relations (7)

 On March 25, 1997, US Vice- President Albert Gore chatted with the students of the middle school affiliated to the Capital Normal University during his visit to the school. Clinton and his wife and daughter toured the Great Wall on June 28, 1998. Clinton said repeatedly in admiration: "Wonderful, magnificent! The Great Wall runs up and

30 Years of Sino- US Relations (8)

 US President George W. Bush met with visiting Chinese Vice- Premier Qian Qichen at the white House on March 22,2001.    On October 19,2001, President Jiang Zemin and President Bush held a joint press conference for Chinese and foreign journalists. President Jiang said that China and the United States, as two countries that have major

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