Chinese Naval Escort Task Forces Conduct Mission-Handover in Gulf of Aden

The 37th and the 38th Chinese naval escort taskforces held a mission-handover ceremony in waters west of the Gulf of Aden on the morning of June 7, local time, on the commanding ship Destroyer Changsha (Hull 173) of the 37th escort task force. Officers assigned to the 37th escort taskforce introduced the basic information about

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Cosmopolitanism: Perusal of Asian discourse

There exists literature in International theories where the neo-political philosophical concept - COSMOPOLITANISM originates. Cosmopolitanism as a word traces its very origin from the Greek word- KOSMOPOLITIES, which in its literal sense implies- ‘Citizen of the world’. This notion has opened a wide spectrum of some important key views in socio-political philosophy. Be it as

15th CPC Central Committee Holds 7th Plenum

The Seventh Plenary Session of the 15th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held from November 3 to 5 in Beijing. It was decided at the plenum that the 16th CPC National Congress be convened from November 8 in Beijing, according to a communique of the plenum. The plenum was presided

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