On December 21, Japan Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi held a video conference with Reshetnikov, Maksim Gennadyevich, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and the Co-Chairs of the Japan-Russia Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Economy

In the beginning, Minister Motegi agreed that the two leaders would develop the entire Japan-Russia relationship in a wide range of fields including the economy, and under that direction, the day when cooperation in the economic field includes peace treaty negotiations. He stated that he would like to develop cooperation while sharing the recognition that he aims to contribute to the development of Russia-Russia as a whole. Minister Reshetnikov stated that he was able to hold various discussions online this year even under the corona disaster, and would like to promote further cooperation next year. The two ministers said that they are currently in cooperation with Japan and Russia regarding economic relations and exchanges. And discussed the direction of future cooperation.

The two ministers pointed out that cooperation such as joint development of a rapid virus test kit by Japanese and Russian companies was realized while there are various restrictions on cooperation in the economic field between the two countries due to the influence of the new corona, and eight items continue. It was agreed that the two countries would promote cooperation in the trade and economic fields under the “Cooperation Plan”.

Regarding the Japan-Russia Regional Exchange Year, which began in January this year, the two Ministers evaluated that various exchange projects are being carried out by utilizing online even in the corona wreck.

Considering the situation of the new Corona, the two ministers will hold an intergovernmental committee with Minister Reshetnikov’s visit to Japan at a convenient time, and at that time, the intergovernmental committee will hold an intergovernmental committee meeting in Hokkaido last year. We agreed to hold the opening ceremony of the year of regional exchange agreed upon.