• In August 2016, Prime Minister ABE unveiled the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” concept in his keynote address at TICAD VI in Kenya
  • Japan’s fundamental aim is to foster regional stability and prosperity by improving connectivity between Asia and Africa through a free and open Indo-Pacific region

Three Pillars of “FOIP”

  1. Promotion and establishment of the rule of law, freedom of navigation, and free trade
  2. Pursuit of economic prosperity (e.g. improving connectivity)
  3. Commitment to peace and stability

Basic Concepts of “FOIP”

  • The Indo-Pacific region is at the center of world vitality and home to more than half the world population; realizing the stable and autonomous development of this region is crucial for the stability and prosperity of the world
  • The goal of the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” Vision is to facilitate free and robust economic activity throughout the Indo-Pacific, and to realize the prosperity of the entire region

Japan is pursuing the “Free and Open Indo Pacific” Vision through a coordinated whole-of-government approach

Achieving the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP)” Vision: Japan Ministry of Defense (JMOD)’s Approach

Characteristics of the Indo-Pacific Region

  • The Indo-Pacific region is at the center of global economic dynamism and home to the largest share of the world’s population
  • Key sea lanes are located in the Indo-Pacific area; as a result, regional stability is essential to Japan’s security and prosperity
  • Meanwhile, there are various challenges within the region, including rapid military modernization and intensified military activity
  • All countries in the region are taking measures to respond to this rapid change in the environment

Aspects of JMOD’s Approach

  • Securing the stable use of major sea lanes by way of defense cooperation and exchange activities
  • Preventing contingencies through confidence building and mutual understanding
  • Contributing to peace and stability through active engagement in the region, in cooperation with partner countries

By leveraging defense cooperation and exchange activities,
Japan is creating a favorable security environment in the Indo-Pacific region,
where there remains a range of security challenges

Broadening the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Vision

  • Several countries have announced their own regional initiatives, which are consistent with Japan’s “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” Vision
  • Japan will enhance cooperation with all countries that share the values inherent to the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” Vision

Source: MOD Japan