CCTV: The US announced on August 30 that it has completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan and that its 20-year military presence in Afghanistan has ended. The Taliban spokesperson declared “full independence” of Afghanistan on the same day. Do you have any comment on that?

Wang Wenbin: The US withdrawal from Afghanistan shows that wanton military intervention in other countries and imposition of values and social systems onto other countries’ policy will lead nowhere and is doomed to end up in failure.

Afghanistan has broken free from foreign military occupation and the Afghan people are standing at a new starting point for peace and reconstruction. China has always respected Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, adhered to non-interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and pursued a friendly policy toward the entire Afghan people.

The past and present of Afghanistan demonstrates that the realization of peace, stability and economic development will be impossible without the establishment of an open and inclusive political structure, implementation of moderate and prudent foreign and domestic policies and a clean break with terrorist groups in all forms. China will continue to maintain close communication and coordination with all parties in Afghanistan and the international community, and provide utmost support and assistance to help Afghanistan restore peace, rebuild economy, combat all terrorist groups including ETIM and integrate into the international community.