The new official height of Mount Everest Nepal announced on Tuesday. The world’s highest peak, is 8,848.86 meters, according to a joint announcement by China and Nepal on Tuesday. Chinese News Agency Xinhua indicated that for more than a year, the two countries’ survey teams have overcome all kinds of difficulties, solidly carried out their work, and finally reached a conclusion on the snow height based on the International Height Reference System. A Chinese survey team reached the summit of Mount Qomolangma on May 27 and remeasured the peak height. Nepali surveyors reached the top of the mountain in May 2019.

According to Nepal-based English-language daily, The Kathmandu Post; The precise height of Mount Everest had been contested ever since a group of British surveyors in India declared the height of Peak XV, as it was initially called, to be 8,778 meters in 1847. The new height was announced as per the joint measurement efforts by Nepal and China, the two countries the 8848.86-meter mountain straddles. The new height converts to 29,031 feet. The official height was announced simultaneously in Kathmandu and Beijing amid a program attended by Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. “This is a historic day,” Foreign Minister Gyawali said, making the much-awaited declaration on Tuesday. “The new height of Mt Everest is 8,848.86 meters.”

The Chinese team used China’s BeiDou navigation satellite system and Chinese surveying instruments. It was its seventh round of survey this May, achieving multiple technological breakthroughs, including the use of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, and real-scene 3D technologies to obtain a reliable, accurate result and the status of natural resources on the mountain, according to Chinese media reports. China’s domestically developed BeiDou Satellite Navigation System, or BDS, and China’s second-generation Geostationary Meteorological System, the Fengyun-4, as well as the Zhongxing-6A communication satellite also significantly contributed to the completion of the mountain quest. GNSS was also carried by the team to the peak, Chinese media reports said.

The announcement came as Xi and Bhandari exchanged letters collectively unveiling the new height. In his letter to Bhandari, Xi noted that China and Nepal reached a consensus last year on the joint announcement of the peak’s new height. For more than a year, the two countries’ survey teams have overcome all kinds of difficulties, solidly carried out their work, and finally reached a conclusion on the snow surface height based on the International Height Reference System, he said.

Newly announced information about the highest peak of the mountain of Everest as the re-discovery of the world’s highest point will also cause many countries to be revised from the information in the geographic and history books. The joint work carried out with advanced technological equipment in winter conditions is seen as an indicator of the proximity between China and Nepal.

Despite the climbing and exploration works carried out at various dates by the countries including Britain, India, America, Italy, China, and Nepal since 1847, different data were reached about the highest point of the world. The latest announcement announced through joint studies between China and Nepal, will be the most objective data stated so far, due to the use of advanced technological tools and the official announcement.

Image Credit: Xinhua