30 Years of Sino- US Relations (7)

 On March 25, 1997, US Vice- President Albert Gore chatted with the students of the middle school affiliated to the Capital Normal University during his visit to the school.

Clinton and his wife and daughter toured the Great Wall on June 28, 1998. Clinton said repeatedly in admiration: “Wonderful, magnificent! The Great Wall runs up and down steeply. It is much more magnificent than I can imagine!”

On April 12, 1998, Wu Yi met with US Trade Representative Barshevsky at Zhongnanhai in Beijing.

At the invitation of US President Clinton, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji paid a formal visit to the United States on April 6-14, 1999. The picture shows Zhu and Clinton at the welcoming ceremony on April 8.

Before and during Zhu’s visit to the United States, China and the United States signed the Agreement of Agricultural Co-operation, the Memorandum of Understanding on Residential Cooperation, the Protocol of the Agreement on Civil Aviation Transport, the Agreement on Customs Cooperation, and the Memorandum on China’s Export of Ceramics to the United States. In answer to questions put forward by journalists during his visit to the United States, Zhu Rongji said: “The United States has a lot of nuclear weapons while China has very few nuclear weapons. China can not at all constitute a threat to the United States. China is the biggest potential market for the United States and not a threat to it. Therefore, the ‘theory of China threat ‘ should be changed into the ‘theory of opportunity in China’.

In September 2000, the Information Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Culture sponsored a large cultural activity called Chinese Culture’s Tour to the United States in New York and some other American cities. This was the largest project of cultural exchanges organized by the Chinese Government. Both the Chinese and the US Government attached high importance to this activity. The picture shows Zhao Qizheng, head of the Information Office of the State Council, and Sun Jiazheng, Minister of Culture, having a talk with Mr. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of the News Corporation at the New York Exhibition Hall.

 The International Special Olympics Delegation came to China to attend the ceremony to launch the Century Tour of the Chinese Special Olympics. The picture shows US movie star Schwarsinger shaking hands and having a talk with students of the Peizhi School in Xicheng District of Beijing.

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