On October 7, 1972,Premier Zhou Enlai of the State Council met with Professor Norman with the visiting delegation of the US Association of Newspaper Editors.

On the evening of February 17, 1973,Chairman Mao Zedong met with Dr. Henry Kissinger, national security adviser to the president of the United States. During the Kissinger’s visit to China, both sides decided to set up a liaison office in each other’s capital to establish a direct link between the two countries . In May, the liaison offices began to function. On October 26, 1973, Premier Zhou Enlai met with Silas Leo Sulzberger, foreign affairs columnist of New York Times, and his wife.
On December 2, 1975, Chairman Mao Zedong met with US President Gerald Ford and his wife Betty Ford and daughter Suzanne Ford. President Gerald Ford and his wife and daughter visited different places in China in December 1975. Mrs. Ford, wife of President Ford, learned Chinese dance during the visit in December 1975.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China. Image Credit: CGTN